Craving Control Gummies


Craving Control Gummies

Satisfy cravings and lose weight faster.* Discover the best-tasting way to lose weight fast and satisfy your sweet tooth!* New SlimFast® Boosters Craving Control Gummies taste almost too good to be a powerful weight-loss supplement.*

Product Description

With Craving Control Gummies, you can now have potent weight-loss support without feeling deprived, thanks to an exciting scientific breakthrough.* In clinical studies, the key ingredient was shown to promote weight loss, reduce body fat, preserve lean body mass, and promote fat metabolism.* It can also help reduce carbohydrate cravings, food cravings, and decrease appetite.*

Use Craving Control Gummies as a perfect addition to the SlimFast Plan, on their own, or as a complement to your own weight-loss plan.*

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Product Information

  • Mixed Berry Flavor (Naturally-Flavored)
  • Includes Green Tea & Garcinia
  • 90 Gummies per Container